Thursday, January 22, 2015

Return to Revision-Land!

Well, I've officially taken the train back to Revision-land!

Thanks to feedback from my awesome critique partner as well as my own notes, I know (mostly) where I want to go with Draft #2 of my fairy-tale retelling. To my astonishment, I only have one scene slated for deletion—the other changes are new scenes or rewrites of existing ones. I'm not really rearranging much of anything either, which is really weird to me!

I usually work chronologically when I'm drafting or revising, but this time I'm trying something a little bit different, and I started with the ending! I expanded my last scene today—and lost a couple of hours in the process!—and I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! Sometimes you have to run with an idea when it comes to you, and that was definitely the right choice for me today!

I'm not sure what I'll do next. I might work backwards, I might attack the middle, I might return to the beginning and go chronologically from there. We shall see! But in any case, I'm back working again and it feels great!

Cheers, all. Happy writing! :-)