Monday, January 5, 2015

Watch out, 2015, Here I Come!

Okey dokey, smokey—it's time for the post you've alllll been waiting for. My goals for 2015!!

  • Revise/rewrite/edit/polish the novel I finished drafting in December. Infuse with more heart, and MAKE THE MIDDLE BETTER!!
  • Write a brand new book—because all revising and no first-drafting makes Joanna a dull girl!
  • Read outside of my normal genre preferences—like a thriller or a mystery or something nonfiction.
  • Bake more stuff—I've realized I really like baking!!
  • Get an electric hand-mixer—Related to above. Whipping butter by hand is SO HARD YOU GUYS.
  • Some kind of bookcase project—I have some outdated bookcases that I think would be really fun to update/paint/shabby-chicify or something.
  • Never, ever, EVER give up! I don't post a lot about querying, as giving too much detail on that front can be unprofessional, but suffice it to say, this is my motto!
I hope you all have a lovely year stretching ahead of you—here's to a fantastic 2015! *clinks glass*

1 comment:

Lady E. said...

Those are great goals! :) I am a fan of baking, too. It's so much fun! :-D