Beneath the Haunting Sea

Banished from her homeland to a dreary mansion on the edge of the Northern Sea, sixteen-year-old Talia Dahl-Saida can’t seem to escape the call of the waves—or the ancient myths she never wanted to believe. The drafty halls of the Ruen-Dahr are haunted by family secrets, a hidden temple, a forbidden library, and a melancholy boy who’s convinced the gods have a hand in her future.

Here the eerie music of the sea is stronger than ever, and Talia is drawn to long-forgotten stories of malicious sea-goddess Rahn, who rules the watery Hall of the Dead, tormenting the souls of the drowned for all eternity. The more dark truths Talia unravels about the gods’ history—and her own—the more the sea calls to her, and the more she begins to realize it may be her destiny to answer.