Wednesday, September 30, 2009

In Which Joanna Finishes her Story

Evening, ladies and gents! I would like to announce the successful completion of Seraphine, clocking in a few hours ago at 18,110 words. My weird little not-really-all-that-short story is doooooone!

*cue fanfare and flowers and marriage proposals*

Ahem. Anyways.

Not remotely sure if this story is a) coherent b) good or c) anything like what I originally envisioned. Kinda scared to read it, to be completely honest, but I'm sure I'll succumb to temptation momentairly. :-)

At any rate, I'm rather sad that it's all over—I enjoyed my little whirwind romance!

Goodbye, Seraphine.

Hellooooooooooooooo NaNo prep time!!


Anonymous said...

woohoo! love the feeling of "finished"
(Just popped over from Verla's)

Joanna said...

Thanks for stopping by, edawn!

And yep, that finished feeling is fantastic. :-) :-)

Anna said...

Yay, congrats! I love coming to the end of a WIP. Even if you know it might all have to change, it's still such a feeling of accomplishment. Enjoy!

Rich said...

Finishing is a wonderful, and sometimes liberating, feeling! Even if you have to go back and finish it again... and again... Congrats!

Amber Lough said...

Congratulations! Nothing like a goal achieved!

Joanna said...

Thanks everyone!! :-)