Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Adorable Whale Bag of Adorableness

So, ever since I penned The Whale and the Tree, I've been irrevocably drawn to purchase adorable things with whales on them. So far, I have a t-shirt, and that's about it. And then, on two separate occasions, I saw people wandering around in public with the most fantastic whale tote bag that was an absolute must-have (if you're me). So I googled it, and found it, except there's a problem. There's more than one version.

The adorable tote with pockets:

The adorable messenger bag:

My problem? Which one do I want??? It's cruel to be forced to make this kind of decision.

What's your vote?

P. S.  Aren't they ADORABLE???

P. P. S. The bags are made by Bungalow360, and you can purchase them on Amazon if you really wanna nick my style! ;-)

P. P. P. S. What? Writing? Um, yeah, I'll get to that later. Promise.


Larissa said...

I'm partial to messenger bags, so I'd get that one. :)

Joanna said...

I'm kinda leaning in that direction myself... :-)

silent_librarian said...

The tote with pockets looks more stylish but the messenger bag is more practical and functional while still remaining adorable. I vote for the messenger bag!

How awesome you were able to find these! They are so YOU!

Marian said...

I vote messenger, too; I just think it's cuter

Adrianne said...

I happen to like pockets in my bags, so I'd get the one with the pockets then I'd get the other one.

Esther said...

Future You says to buy the messenger bag... here's the logic behind it: While the tote bag IS absolutely adorable... the messenger bag can be slung over the shoulder, which makes it so much less likely to be left somewhere and lost.... because it is, in a way, attached to you. And, if you are anything like me, you would lose your own head if it wasn't attached :-) Either way though, they are very very cute and you should get one of them... or perhaps both, for good measure :-) Love you!!!

Joanna said...

Heeheehee Esther I love you, er, future me. ;-)

Thanks for all the votes, guys! I decided to go with the messenger bag, and actually ordered it a little while ago. I may have to get the pocketed tote bag at a later date. We shall see... :-) :-)

C.R. Evers said...

I'm a pocket person and I think the strap is cuter on #1. Either one is a winner. Go for it! :0)

(via verla kay)

Martha Flynn said...

I love Bungalow 360! I have their gator series. Can you get both? :):):)

Joanna said...

Christy, I love pockets, too, part of the reason it was such a hard decision!!!

Martha, ah if only fundage permitted! Definite Christmas list potential, though... :-)