Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Don't Know Half of You Half as Well as I'd Like...

Well, first off, a great big Happy Birthday to these guys:

(Yes, I'm one of those.)

Second off, my whale bag came yesterday!!! It's super cute, and today will be its first official outing:

And lastly, because, really, this post should have something to do with writing, I give you my Writing Goals for the Week:
  1. Write as much as possible on Seraphine, and hopefully start edging towards the ending
  2. Keep brainstorming for this year's NaNoWriMo novel, and hopefully figure out what exactly happens at the end!!
  3. Keep editing The Rose Queen.
  4. Try not to have a miniature heart attack every time I check my email. Er, I mean... Wait patiently to hear back from agents.
And there you have it. Hope everybody's week is off to a fabulous start! Don't forget to eat some cake for Bilbo and Frodo today! :-)


Heather Lane said...

I already ate some cake, but didn't know why at the time.

I'm thinking of doing nano, but maybe not uploading any of the novel-- is that considered bad form? I just don't like the first draft of things to be seen by people. Can you give me a low down of the rules? I checked out the website, but still need some guidance.

Joanna said...

Yay for cake! :-)

As for NaNo, I hope you decide to do it! It's such a lot of fun and is a huge kick in the rear for one's productivity. :-)

The rules are this: you have to write 50,000 words in 30 days, which is approximately 1667 words per day. You don't actually upload your novel at all; you *can* post an excerpt or two on your profile, but that's purely optional.

Throughout the month, you update your word count by either typing it in the little word count box, or pasting your manuscript in the validation box (which, once you reach 50k, is what will declare you a winner). The manuscript doesn't get posted online for anyone to read; the nano-bots count the words and then it's deleted, so no worries there!

Does that help? You might also check out their FAQ section if I was too confusing in my explanation. :-)

Hope you decide to take the plunge!!

Erika said...

Yay!! Happy B-day to the Hobbits! :)
I must say that your whale bag is so YOU. Congrats on the purchase! hehe!

Joanna said...

Glad you approve, Erika!! :-)