Friday, September 25, 2009

Here an Update, there an Update and another little Update

Happy Friday, peeps! As the title promises, here are some updates:

Seraphine is up to 10,036 words, and I'm ready to be finished with it but I'm not yet. :-P How quickly the romance dies! I still like the story and I think it could be good, one day, after lots of editing, but I'm really feeling the lack of outline and wondering if it's turning out anything like the original idea. But I am glad I'm doing it, and I do think the story has merit, and I'm gonna finish it!! I'm hoping I can wrap it up in another 5k and be done by the end of the month. We'll see. Incidentally, what does one call a story that's 15,000 words long? Certainly not a short story and nowhere near novel (or even novella length). Hmmm. This is why I've been calling it a not-so-short story; guess that will have to do!

The partial of Whale and the Tree was rejected yesterday. :-( Sad, but the agent was very nice and the letter left me feeling ever-so-slightly encouraged. Maybe because I'm irrepressibly hopeful, but you'll have that. Still waiting to hear back from the full. Trying not to hope too much on that one, but... I definitely am. :-P I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for all your comments regarding the Roen/Wren post from Wednesday. I've decided I'm definitely keeping Wren's name, so hooray!

Rose Queen edits didn't get very far this week. I think I worked through part of a chapter on Tuesday, making a few very minor word-choice changes. So pretty epic fail on progress there.

And the elusive ending for this year's NaNo? Still elusive, though I feel like I'm *this* close to figuring it out. Here's hoping!!


Anna said...

Incidentally, what does one call a story that's 15,000 words long?

Hm, I think I'd call it a first draft. :-) Some people just write really short ones and then expand and expand later on. It sounds like you're making good progress - keep on plugging away!

Heather Lane said...

Actually-- the manuscript that I'm working on now started out as one about that long-- I like to write through the end, and then rewrite the whole thing-- not edit, but rewrite it. So, that first draft doesn't even really get called the first draft--it's like the pre-draft. But I don't know that you want to follow in my footsteps-- I have funny ways of writing, but it works for me!

And, sometimes I think you just need to get a story out of your head entirely before moving on to something else.

Good luck on the full you have out-- that's exciting.

Joanna said...

Right you are, Anna, first draft it certainly is! Thanks for the encouragement! :-)

Interesting, Heather! How long is your manuscript currently? And yeah, no matter how proud I am of any first draft it always gets pretty heavily re-written... :-P

My manuscripts tend to get longer during revision, which isn't a problem if they start life at 15k, but IS if they're 200k to begin with. Writing is an odd process, I think, any way you go about it.

And you're right. Definitely needed to get this story out of my head. :-)

Anna said...

Sounds like you're keeping wonderfully busy with your projects. :-) Good luck on the full!

Christina Farley said...

Don't let the rejections get you down. And now with your new project, you can stay focused on that!

Joanna said...

Thanks so much, Anna and Christina!