Sunday, August 31, 2008

Worth a Thousand Words

And now I give you... THINGS I DID THIS WEEK (in pictures):
  • Bought a notebook for nanowrimo (I start a new one for each successive novel; it's an excellent excuse to buy notebooks):
  • Made a Masque (which exudes coolness):
  • Watched Spirited Away (random and bizarre but gorgeous and strangely touching at the same time):
  • and Kung Fu Panda (ha. FUNNY.):
  • Read Austenland (amusing):
  • and Forever in Blue, aka Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 4 (I actually liked the movie better, but at least now I know how they compare):
  • Worked on the novel. I'm now finished with Chapter 5 of Part Two--nine chapters left to go! I'll definitely finish by the end of September, but the hoped for middle-of-the-month completion is not looking very likely at this point. Boo.


silent_librarian said...

Ooooo! Visual blog post! First, your notebook is PERFECT for your Silver Crane story, I must say. It has an Indian-esque flaire to it, though the style is looking more like Arabic mosques, but you know, same dif. Haha! I think the Taja Mahal has that shape. Anyway, gorgeous! And you know what else is gorgeous? Your mask! OH MY GOSH! You are an amazing creator of masks. Now I want one! *looks jealous* Hehe! That thing is totally worth the 25 bucks, definitely. Now where are you going to wear it?
You watched Spirited Away? Hehe! Weird, huh? I kind of think of it as Alice in Wonderland on drugs done in Japanese. I didn't particularly like it myself, but I love the animation, and I did like the dragon boy. He was awesome. Aren't Japanese imaginations weird, though? So strange.

Gamwyn said...

Yay, glad you enjoyed the pictures. :-) I know, I LOVE the notebook, it is completely perfect. The mask looks better in person--the lighting is a little off, but you get the general idea; Jenny's is excessively awesome as well. You and Erika need to make them, too!!

"Spirited Away" was definitely bizarre, but I did like it. The boy/dragon was REALLY cool, heh. And yeah, I thought MY imagination was messed up!!

Turtle Ink said...

I have to say that you are creative in sooooo many ways. I love the notebook, I love the mask! I love that you are putting pictures in your blog and I am full of admiration all around!

Gamwyn said...

Glad you liked the pictures, Turtle!!