Sunday, August 17, 2008

January Twenty the Seventh

So here's a fun game for all of you Wikipedia lovers out there (thanks to Jenny, who tagged me). Look up your birthdate (month and year), then choose four events, three births, two deaths, and one holiday amongst the ones listed and post them on your own blog. You might learn some fascinating things. :-) So, without further ado, I give you in all its glory the illustrious

January Twenty the Seventh:

  1. 1142 - Wrongful execution of noted Song Dynasty General Yue Fei.
  2. 1186 - Henry VI, the son and heir of the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I, weds Constance of Sicily.
  3. 1825 - U.S. Congress approves Indian Territory (in what is present-day Oklahoma), clearing the way for forced relocation of the Eastern Indians on the "Trail of Tears."
  4. 1967 - Apollo program: Apollo 1 - Astronauts Gus Grissom, Edward White and Roger ChaffeeKennedy Space Center are killed in a fire during a test of the spacecraft at the Kennedy Space Center.
(there's a lot of death and horribleness in here. Sad. :-( One wedding, at least.)

  1. 1756 - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Austrian composer (d. 1791)
  2. 1832 - Lewis Carroll, English author (d. 1898)
  3. 1948 - Jean-Philippe Collard, French pianist
(I didn't know I shared a birthday with Lewis Carroll. Cool. I think there's music/writing in my blood. Or something.)

  1. 1901 - Giuseppe Verdi, Italian composer (b. 1813)
  2. 1595 - Sir Francis Drake, European explorer (b. c.1540)
(More music. And I knew I was destined to travel the world!)


In the UK, Germany, Poland, Italy, and Denmark, January 27th is Holocaust Remembrance/Memorial Day. I did not know this either.

Anyways, kudos to Jenny for the tag!

Almost finished with the next-to-last-chapter in Part One,



Tinidril said...

Wow, two composers, a pianist, and an author. Woot!

Turtle Ink said...

Lewis Carroll has always seemed very creepy to me. No one can say he wasn't creative though!
Fun stuff! and congrats on being so on schedule with your editing!!!

silent_librarian said...

Wow, everyone has better people on their birthdays than me! *pouts* No fair, Lewis Carroll! What he wrote never made any sense, but it is funny and is probably one of the most inspiring authors, or at least for me.