Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Once Upon a September

Well, ladies and chaps, we are now nine whole days into September. No excessively interesting news to report, I fear, but I will do my best to fill up a little space so's I don't lose my readership. :-)

I figured out I needed to do two chapters a week of Whale and the Tree to have the second draft finished by the end of September, and at the moment am two and a half chapters behind. :-( Currently in Chapter Seven, and prose is being difficult. One forgets that small changes in behavior/plot/characterization affect everything and sometimes requires scenes one intended to remain unaltered having to be entirely rewritten. Argh. Working on the Wen/Talia thread and nearly ready to dump Talia in the ocean. Well, in two more chapters anyway. Then there will be a number of new scenes with the Whale of the title, and after all is said and done some expansion at the end and an added Epilogue to tie everything together. So. Lots left to do.

Watched Under the Greenwood Tree last night, starring Keeley Hawes. A charming movie, if bordering on the slightly ridiculous, but I enjoyed it immensely. Only question on my mind is, has there ever, in the history of real life, been three men in love with/proposing marriage to one girl at the same time? Good grief.

*remembers being guilty of once planning out a scene where a female main character gets three marriage proposals one after another the same evening and shuts up*

Went ice-skating on Saturday with all the lovely folks from the College & Career group at me church. Fun was had by all, despite loud, obnoxious music (the general public should really let me pick their music for them, as they have no taste and I do and therefore am quallified to help them), dizzying lights, and a rather over-crowded rink. One of my aspirations in life is to go ice-skating outdoors in the winter time. Obviously that will involve a move at some point. At any rate, it was nice to wear jeans and a sweatshirt again. In two more months I'll be able to wear pants and long sleeves for real. Maybe.



silent_librarian said...

I noticed your Twitter on the Under the Greenwood Tree that you were watching. I looked it up on IMDB and thought it looked rather interesting. Is it one of Thomas Hardy's happy novels (I saw it was the adaptation of his novels) or is everyone going to die and be miserable in the end? And yes, it is hilarious that three men are in love with her at the same time, but it was like that in Becoming Jane too. "Aren't there any other women in Hampshire!?!" Haha!

I'm interested in knowing this scene planning of three proposals in one evening. Sounds entertaing! hehe!

Gamwyn said...

Yup, "Under the Greenwood Tree" is one of Hardy's happy novels. :-)