Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Just a Tuesday in February

So, only a few more scenes left to rewrite, but they're doozys!! Juuuuuust finished one this morning that I've been working on for nearly a week, but it was one of those scenes that you just have to plug away at slowly. I THINK I made it better. Hopefully. We'll see how it holds up when I do my read through.

All the scenes I have left are going to be similarly slow in coming, I think. Which is daunting. And I'm fast-approaching the extremely important ending scenes, which frighten me immensely. This is so hard!!!! But worth it. Well, hopefully. :-D

Onwards and upwards!

ETA As of 3:00 I just finished another scene!! And I think it might be awesome! Woohoo!!!

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Danielle Pajak said...

Awesome to hear! Keep up the good work!