Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Trouble right here in River City…

Oh man. I've gotten to the rough sections and I don't know what to DO. As they stand, they're really not that bad and fairly well written, but I don't think they make a lot of sense, and I don't think they fit with the previous scenes I've rewritten. It's so hard to recreate stuff like this!! What do I DO? Ack!

But just because I like something doesn't necessarily mean it fits in with the story and should stay. This is hard man.

Yesterday I mostly avoided my book, then finally rewrote a short scene that I hadn't planned on rewriting but I'm glad I did. Then I further procrastinated by writing a song—though to be fair the song kind of wrote itself, so maybe that doesn't count. :-)

I think I need to do more head scratching and get back to it, right?


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