Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Just keep going, just keep going

As you can probably ascertain from the lack of post last week, the writing's been kind of rough lately. Didn't do much last week at all and was getting pretty depressed about ever picking it up again! Yesterday, though, a Starbucks session and an Earl Grey Latte gained me some momentum and last night I wrote nearly 500 words on my iPhone with my thumbs, so I think the ole grey matter might be working again.

The scene I'm in is a long one, but it's important, and one of those ones that needs to be written slowly. Only a few more scenes to be rewritten for this particular thread, and then I get to take a step back and consider some other elements of the novel. Here's hoping it will go smoothly!

Also, and hopefully I'll get around to some reviews soon, I've been reading the Artimes Fowl series over the last several months and I'm on book six now and I love them!! I'm way sad that I only have two books left after this one, but that won't keep me from busting through them anyway……

Here's to Tuesday! Go forth and prosper! :-)


weezy said...

If your grandmother can use an iPad and send text messages, we can write our stories, don't you think?

I doubt I'll make the March 7 deadline at this point. No ice cream for me. But I'm back at it today. Hope you will be able to work on your story soon!

Joanna Ruth Meyer said...

Yeah I don't think I'm going to make the deadline either... Although I am getting pretty close! Back to work tomorrow, hopefully!!

Danielle Pajak said...

It sounds like a lot of ups and downs during this rewriting process. Keep at it, drinking lots more tea lattes, and reading books for inspiration! Erika read that Artimes Fowl series and she really loved them as well. I can't remember if she finished the series or not, though. She told me somewhat about the characters and story plot, and they sounded very unique. Glad you are enjoying them!

Press on, my friend!

Joanna Ruth Meyer said...

Thanks Danielle! Yup, this rewrite is a real struggle, but hopefully the novel will come out stronger on the other end!!