Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NaNoWriMo Day 4

Word Count: 30,046
Chapters Completed: 4
Worlds Visited: 1
Sanity Level: 65%
Overall Quality of Prose: poor

So it's the end of Day Four. I'm sitting in Borders (which, incidentally has just recently implemented free Wi-Fi), having just hit my 30k (woot!) and am thoroughly exhausted and all worded out for the evening! Yesterday the words just sort of poured freely from my fingertips. Today I had to bribe/force/threaten them out of there.

I weep for the overall quality of my prose.

I weep for the flatness of my main character.

I weep for the reality of one's flawless ideas staring back in all their blatant black and white imperfections from one's computer screen.

But I still made it to 30k.

:-) :-) :-) :-)

As a sidenote, I keep meaning to link to my NaNoWriMo profile, where you can keep track of my progress and read the deplorable excerpts I post from time to time. So there you go.

Off to watch Stargate,

Penner of Pepostrously Perilous Prose


Anna said...

30k! I'm in awe. You absolutely don't have to worry about characters being flat when you're making that kind of progress! You can fix that stuff later - that's what December is for. :-)

Joanna R. Smith said...


Haha well I hope so! :-)

silent_librarian said...
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silent_librarian said...

I have read your recent excerpt! I loved it. Prose aside, I like the conversation between the whole family. Poor Peter sounds very overwhelmed for a boy of his age. I love how Jack and Daphne tell Peter to listen and leave with Roen so casually. It is just a normal thing in that family. It is awesome. ;-)

Joanna R. Smith said...

Glad you liked the excerpt, Danielle. :-)