Tuesday, November 3, 2009

NaNoWriMo Day 3

Current Word Count: 21,111
Sanity Level: 85%
Chapters Completed: 2.9/16
Character Deaths: three. 1 young child (before the story started), 1 old man (he had a full life! promise!), 1 mermaid (poor thing didn't have a chance) :-(

I should be noveling, as I'm headed for 25k today (yes, I am insane), but my brain was demanding a break, so I thought I'd blog instead.

Currently at the tail end of Chapter Three of The Last Garden, and getting excited because in another half chapter the story's really gonna get going! I've come to the conclusion that although I've been penning some truly atrocious prose, I'm having a hard time finding the novel's voice, and I'm a little afraid my poor, adorably bespectacled main character is rather uninteresting, I think the actual story is worth telling, and with a lot (a heck of a lot!) of future editing/rewriting/revising, it might come to resemble something akin to a real book someday. Well, maybe. :-)

I have also learned that I am woefully unquallified to write historical fiction. I fear I've been inadvertently altering Victorian history in the greater London area. But oh well. I'll do all that research I ought to have done earlier... later. :-)

Happy Writing!

Joanna, aka Murderer of Mermaids in Vaguely Historical Victorian London


Heather Lane said...
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Joanna said...

Heather, ooooh that sounds like lots of fun!! My MC is about to get started world hopping, too! I'm super excited about it. :-)

Have fun, and keep up the good work! :-)

Heather Lane said...

Sorry--my previous comment didn't explain my story clearly. So, I deleted it.

I'm over 6,000 and my YA MC just encountered her first otherworldly creature. We've been hanging out in her funny and angst-full life for a few days now. This is where it starts to get good. Time to world hop!

Heather Lane said...

Boy, are you on your toes! I only posted that for a few seconds before reading it and deleting it. Sorry--I shouldn't have deleted it right under your nose...

Anna said...

Wow, I'm in awe of your progress! I'm only at 3k words right now - hoping some of your crazy momentum rubs off on me. Full speed ahead! :-)

silent_librarian said...

You are so good! I can't believe you have that many words. It looks like today I am going to be hard pressed for time, which I might stay up later tonight to at least get some word count in.

I know what I want, but the words aren't coming! GAH!

Congratulations on the word count/death count! hehe! Sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

Joanna said...

Heather, no problem! Sorry to confuse. I randomly happened to be paying attention when I got an email notifying me of a comment. :-) Congrats on your 6k!

Anna, 3k is certainly nothing to sneeze at, you're doing awesome! But I will try and send some of my crazy noveling momentum your way. Do you prefer email or snail mail? :-)

Joanna said...

Thanks Danielle, and good luck on the words! You can do it!! :-)