Monday, June 6, 2016

Phoenix Comic Con 2016!!

Walking from the parking garage.
Already toasty!
So I had a FANTASTIC time at the Phoenix Comic Con on Saturday, despite the fact that Phoenix was breaking heat records!! Lemme see if I can properly recap (can you tell I’m avoiding working on my book right now??):

So the first thing we did was to wait in line to get our pic with Billie! Line was long but moved really quickly—they REALLY shove you through the photo line FAST! I was getting soooooo nervous but I needn’t have worried. It went SO fast that there wasn’t even time for nervousness! We stepped up when it was our turn, and Billie looked at my shirt and was all “Let me have a look at this” and then she moved my hair (BILLIE PIPER TOUCHED MY HAIR) so she could read it (!!!) and was all “I love that!” and then we took our picture and I HAD MY ARM AROUND BILLIE PIPER (!!) and then it was over! But she was so lovely and kind and I can’t even imagine smiling like that for so long!!
Our picture with Billie Piper!!!!
Moisturize Me!
After that we wandered around the autograph/pictures room, which had some cool stuff to look at (they had a whole Doctor Who area with a TARDIS and it was super awesome), and then we went out to try and catch Billie’s panel. We barreeeelllly made it in but we DID and it was SO NICE to sit down for a while!

The panel was a fan Q&A session and Billie was SO LOVELY all throughout even though she seemed a little uncomfortable to be up there by herself at first.

Billie's Panel
The fans asked all kinds of questions, like what was her favorite Doctor Who episode (she said TOOTH AND CLAW and FATHER’S DAY), that she remembers every moment of filming DOOMSDAY, that she and David Tennant perfected kissing (haha!!), that she wants to see what’s happening with Rose and the meta-crises doctor (she imagines they argue a lot and they eventually split up and Rose gets together with the real Doctor!!), that sometimes at cons she gets marriage proposals and doesn’t know what to say so she just says yes (she said she’d had one earlier in the day!), that of all the characters she’s played she’s most like/most connects with Rose. There were a few kids that asked her questions and she was always like “Bye darling” when they finished and it was SO SO CUTE.

Billie was definitely the main highlight of the day!! I’d wanted to go to a YA/MG panel but didn’t make it in time, and the exhibition hall was SO CROWDED I might’ve had my fill of people for the next several years. But BILLIE WAS WORTH IT!!

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