Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Mini Update

Gearing up for a mini writing retreat starting tomorrow, and I'm getting so excited! It'll be amazing to escape the heat for a bit (and my has it been HOT!!) and surround myself with forest and books and writing and tea!

I have yet to finish Draft #3 of my East of the Sun retelling, but I've made it through the tricksy middle part and the end is in sight!! I'll definitely be able to finish over the weekend and hopefully be able to start something else as well. Torn between starting a brand new novel and working on a revision for an older novel that won't quite leave me alone…… We shall see what happens!

I've been re-reading Ursula LeGuin's Earthsea series over the last couple of weeks and those books are just SO BEAUTIFUL. Her skillful use of language and imagery and world building is mind-blowing. I adored re-reading The Tombs of Atuan especially, and kind of want to read it every day. It's so powerful and beautiful and pierced me deeply. I aspire to evoke that kind of emotion in my own writing. I'm also realizing why perhaps my characters have a penchant to philosophize on long journeys…… :-D

Okay. I must see to the laundry and peck away at my novel before popping off to teach six piano lessons… Until next time!

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