Monday, October 26, 2015

NaNoWriMo Draweth Nigh!

Happy Monday, all and sundry!

I can't believe October is on its way out already—where has 2015 gone???

November is rapidly approaching, which means… National Novel Writing Month draweth nigh! I've more-or-less decided that I'm going to take part this year, and if you want, you can friend me on the official site HERE (I'm Gamwyn).

I first found out about NaNoWriMo in the summer of 2005. Forums were closed until the fall, so I challenged myself to finish my very first novel whilst I was waiting! I did, and went on to write another novel that November. I've only missed two NaNos since, and only fallen short of the 50,000 word mark once. It definitely isn't for everybody, but for those who blaze quickly through first drafts, it's just the ticket. I really enjoy the wild creativity that is the mad-dash-first-draft—I'm a write fast, edit slow type person, so NaNo works for me. And I don't always finish the novel during November—last year I hit my 50K, but didn't reach The End until partway through December.

I'm definitely a planner versus a pantser (I wish I could wing it, but I end up writing myself into a hole and abandoning the book whenever I do that), and I've been noodling on the novel I want to write this year for a while. We'll see if I finish my outline by Sunday…

Any other NaNoers out there this year?


Virginia said...

All signed up and planning to participate though I will have limited internet access through the month of November. I will be traveling all month. (Actually in your neck of the woods, as it happens.) Consequently, while I should have enough time to write, my online presence will likely be severely diminished. Still looking forward to it though!

I think we're already buddies on the site, but I'm Guenhwyvar in case I'm wrong about that.

Joanna Ruth Meyer said...

I friended you today!! Good luck with your writing, and happy travels! Hit me up if you want to join me for a Starbucks writing session while you're in my neighborhood!

Virginia said...

Yay! Good luck to you as well! I will be in Sedona for most of November, but of course am flying into and out of Phoenix. I would love to meet for coffee and writing. I will let you know if it seems plausible! :-)