Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Novel Number Seven!

As many of my Twitter followers already know, I finished the first draft of my fairytale-retelling novel on Friday!!!!! I've lots of work to do to get it into any kind of a workable state, but it's so exciting to have the rough draft completed! This makes my SEVENTH fully-drafted novel, which is kind of amazingly great.

In any case, I just finished a read-through of the rough draft, and I think there's glimmers of a good novel in there. I'm going straight back to revision purgatory after the holidays, but for now it's time to let it simmer in the ole subconscious, get feedback from my critique partner, and do lots of brainstorming to figure out exactly where I want to go with it.

I clocked in at just under 66,000 words, which makes this the shortest novel I have ever written, though I'll probably be fleshing out scenes/characters during rewrites, so we'll see where the word count ends up.

It's also my first ever fairytale retelling, so that was an interesting experience! I'm not sure I hit all the right notes yet, but—again—it's just the first draft. It can only improve from here. Right? Right???

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