Wednesday, December 3, 2014

NaNoWriMo 2014 Update ~ The End is Not the End Quite Yet

Hello, all!

November passed us by in a blink, didn't it? Still trying to figure out what happened there. Mostly for the week and a half surrounding Thanksgiving, I was hanging out with my awesome family and eating ridiculous amounts of food. Ridiculous. Amounts. Of Food. Seriously.

BUT, you'll be happy to know I hit my 50K on the 20th!! I got too busy/distracted to make it to 60K, but I'm back at it now with only three and a half chapters left to write! And I think it's good that the pace will slow down a little, as I have a horrible tendency to rush endings in first drafts.

Anyways, here's some STATS:

Final NaNoWriMo Word Count: 51, 529
Chapters Completed: 18/22
Number of Times I Accidentally Slipped Back into Past Tense When Trying to Write Present: Already lost count.
Amount of Tea Drunk By Author: many, many cups.
Number of Thanksgiving Dinners Eaten: three.
Number of Pies Currently in Freezer Because They're Too Dangerous to Keep in the Fridge: three.
Sanity of Author: 75%

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