Tuesday, January 12, 2016

2016 GOALS!

Hi all! A little late for a New Year post, but we're not quite halfway through January yet, so I think it should still count. :-)

Here are a few of my goals for 2016:

READ! I've set myself a 30-book reading challenge on GoodReads, which certainly doesn't seem like a lot compared to most people, but it should fit in with my READ ALL THE THINGS BINGE-FULLY THEN DON'T READ ANYTHING FOR WEEKS type of reading habits (anyone else like that?). 
WRITE. Hopefully I can finish my current project soon and move on to something new! Very excited about exploring lots of stories this year! 
MOVE. Aaron and I are saving up to buy a house this year!! 
TRAVEL. I don't have any trips planned so far, but hopefully one or two will emerge! 
GET A NEW BOOKSHELF. I have no roooooooooooom!

So there you have it! Nothing too earth-shattering, although I will admit I have a secret goal that I'm not sharing unless/until it actually happens. :-)

Happy 2016, everyone! Go forth and be WONDERFUL.


Hanna C. Howard said...

TRAVEL TO OKLAHOMAAAAAA!!! #1 tourist location after London and Paris, right...?

Joanna Ruth Meyer said...

Now THAT is a good idea! Hmmmmmm