Monday, August 17, 2015

What I've Been Reading!

So I promise a proper update post when I finish my edits (soon, I hope!!), but for now, here are the last several books I read!

ORPHAN QUEEN, by Jodi Meadows

Started out a little slow for me, but then I got swept up in the action and the AWESOME that is Black Knife, and I ended up thoroughly enjoying this.

Reminded me of a cross between CROWN DUEL and JACKAROO, two of my all-time childhood favorites.

Really, really interesting use of magic, too.

Warning: ends on a traumatic cliffhanger.

***still biting nails***

CRUEL BEAUTY, by Rosamund Hodge

I had such an interesting experience reading this book.

I started it last year and put it down because I wasn't really connecting with the story… But then, on the high recommendation of PRACTICALLY EVERYONE, I picked it up again and started over.

I really didn't like the beginning.

And then I got interested.

And then I got invested.

And then I LOVED IT.

And then I was SUPER SCARED that things were going to go horribly wrong.

And then my mind was blown.

I read the last twenty pages with my eyes open wide making traumatized noises and holding my breath (just ask my husband).

The ending was perfection.


So, so good.

ILLUSIONARIUM, by Heather Dixon

I really enjoyed this! Parallel worlds, airships, illusions, a one-eyed airman who's a little full of himself, siblings, almost-siblings, impossible odds and difficult choices and racing against the clock… I haven't read a YA solely from a (nerdy! Scientist!) male MC in a long time, and really loved his perspective.

I do wish we could have had a peek at more parallel worlds than just the one, and by the end I was so exhausted by all the escapes and captures and more escapes and more captures that I kind of needed a nap. :)

But overall, a great book. I hope she writes a companion novel, because there's lots of interesting things she could still explore!!

So, that's what I've been reading. Next up, VICIOUS, by V. E. Schawb!

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