Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Home Again, Home Again

Happy Tuesday, all and sundry! I'm back from spending eight glorious days in the Lands of Green and Growing Things—super proud that I managed to hit four states (Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Virginia) as well as Washington D. C. on our trip. It was so lovely to see tons of flowering trees, daffodils galore, and just in general PLANTS THAT GROW BY THEMSELVES! Kinda hard to return to the desert after that………

I'd like to do a proper post about the trip at some point, but I wanted to geek out about meeting my awesome critique partner Jen Fulmer and her lovely family in person!! We had tea at a cute little coffee shop in Lancaster. It was just the best!!! Now plotting how to go back and stay for good this time… We had an awesome chat, and I wish we didn't live across the country from each other! SO GLAD I got to meet her. :-) :-) :-)

Jen & I, with future novelist Lyra. :-)

I shall leave you with some links!

The wonderful Virginia McClain interviewed me on her blog last week about my writing journey and choosing between four offering agents HERE, and my dear friend (and also recently agented!) Hanna Howard blogs HERE about her Deep Breaths, More Tea mugs she is now offering for sale on Etsy. Do check them out!

One last thing: If you are a self-published/small-press-published author or a querying author who would like to take part in my interview series, please feel free to drop me a line via email—I'd love to feature you on my blog.

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