Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thursday, Thursday

So I wanted to write this really deep and intricate post about second-world fantasies and how I think they're super awesome, but the brain is not cooperating, and so you get an almost-the-end-of-the-week update post instead (lucky you!).

I'm super excited about my new interview series! I've got querying author interviews lined up through April 27th! I still have some openings for self-published and/or small-press-published authors on Fridays, so if you or anyone you know fit into the category, drop me a line on email or Twitter and I'll send you the interview questions!

I had a lovely time in California visiting with my new baby niece (her name is Sabriel and she is AWESOME), my bro and sis-in-law, and my sister, who lives in Iowa, which is way too far away from me and WHY HAVEN'T THEY INVENTED TELEPORTATION YET???

I haven't gotten a ton of writing done since then, even though I've been back a whole week, but I have done a little. Currently I'm floundering a bit in the middle of my revision (surprise, surprise—middles are the absolute worst!!). I kind of went off on a tangent about Bach and Chopin and music history and I have to figure out how to wind my way back around to the main storyline and decide how much of that rabbit trail to keep. It was definitely fun to write, but I want to make sure it actually adds to the story. I do think I'm managing to make my MC and enchanted creature bond a bit more, so that's good! Pretty sure if I can PUSH through these next three chapters, it ought to be fairly smooth sailing to the end. But we shall see!

All righty, I'll leave you with that extremely exciting blog post. Look forward to an Indie Author Interview with writer/illustrator Danielle Pajak tomorrow, and a Querying Author Interview with Rachel Stevenson on Monday.

Until then, happy (almost) weekend, all!! Write gloriously.

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