Thursday, November 6, 2014

NaNoWriMo 2014 ~ Day 6 Update

Hi, all! I come to you from the marvelous and exhilarating land of First Drafts, where all the words count and you try not to worry about fixing things until later…

The novel is going well! Feeling extraordinarily sleepy today, but managed to eek out 3K anyways (it was a struggle!). But it's so great to be WRITING (not editing or revising or rewriting) again. Nothing like rough drafts to let you revel in the awesomeness of sheer creativity!

My biggest challenge with this novel so far, I think, is that I tried to write it as a short story last year, and I've been rewriting (from scratch) scenes that I remember liking pretty well in the short story, and it feels kind of weird. But LUCKILY, I've nearly reached the point in the novel that surpasses the short story, so hopefully it will go more smoothly from here. Obviously this thing is going to need editing (what rough draft doesn't??), but I think this first draft is at least approaching how I want the story to be, so that's good.

Anyhoo. Enough chit-chat (that was 185 words I just wrote—can I count them towards my novel? Just kidding), it's time for some STATS!

Day: 6
Word Count: 23,175
Cups of Tea Drunk by Author: Many
Cups of Tea Drunk by Characters: Even more.
Number of Characters in this Novel Named after Characters from Crime and Punishment: 1.
Has Author Managed to Write a Novel Without Mentioning Books and Pianos: Hahaha. No.
Number of Times Author Has Been Surprised Even With Her Detailed Outline: 2.
Number of Times Main Character Has Been Horribly Scarred: 2. One literally. One emotionally.
Sanity of Author: 80%.

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karyne norton said...

Wow! I'm so impressed with your word count! NaNo is cake for you!