Monday, August 25, 2014

I'm Seriously Drawing a Blank for a Post Title, So You Get This One

Happy Monday, all!

I'm sitting here drinking tea and perusing the interwebs whilst anxiously patiently waiting for September 3rd and the announcement of the Pitch Wars picks!

What have I been doing writing-wise in the meantime? Well, last week I started outlining a brand new novel! It's the idea I attempted to write as a short story last year that was simply too big to keep under 10,000 words. I've got the whole plot outlined and most of the characters sorted out, and have already begun (though barely) my scene outline.

I'm super excited about it! I've been floundering deep in revision purgatory with two different manuscripts for nearly two years, and it's awesome to be back at the anything-could-happen and everything-is-wonderful-and-new-and-shiny brainstorming phase!

I don't really like to discuss projects in much detail when they're still delicate fledglings, but I will say it's a fairy-tale combo retelling that's making me squee.

In the meantime, I threw my hat into the writeoncon ring last week. It's an online writing convention that gives you the opportunity to give and receive critiques on other writers' queries and novel excerpts. There's also some ninja agents popping in this week, which could get interesting! Free to participate, but you do have to register to view the forums. Here's my query (which is also my Pitch Wars entry).

I also finished Ruin and Rising over the weekend, and it gave me ALL THE FEELS. You should have heard the whimpering noises I was making towards the end there. It got pretty serious.

And that's about it, folks!


karyne norton said...

I was waiting for that third book to come out before starting the series. I can't stand starting a series before they're all published, which is super hypocritical since I hope to eventually publish a series! Only one more week and then your wait will be over! Good luck!

Joanna Ruth Meyer said...

Hi Karyne! :-)
I didn't wait on purpose for the third one to come out before starting the series, but that's what ended up happening and I was glad I didn't have to wait! An excellent, excellent trilogy in my opinion!

And yup! One more week! :-)

Leandra Wallace said...

Good luck w/PitchWars! I yay for new wip feels! Those are such a serious high, there's nothing quite like it. =)