Monday, March 3, 2014

So Many Books to Write, So Little Time

So I'm trying out a new blog template. What do you guys think? I was getting frustrated with formatting issues that I didn't know how to fix on the old template, and decided to go for something new! I'm liking the clean, simple style of this one. I fell in love with a couple of templates on Etsy (here and here), but until I can save up $30, this nice free template suits me just fine. :-)

Kind of a little stalled with ye olde revision—popped back into Part One to try and fix the ending two chapters, but kind of mystified as to how. Might just leave them alone and return to my Part Two rewrite instead and worry about it in my next editing pass. Blech. Ugh. The revision never ends!!!

On another note, I had a shiny new idea last week. It's still brewing right now, but I'm kind of in love with it. I'm tempted to forget the revision and just let this new novel whisk me away into the sunset, but I know that wouldn't be responsible at this point. :-D Anyways. I think it could be pretty special!

Definitely want to add it to the roster, but I've already got:

  • My NaNoWriMo novel from 2009/2013 to finish (princesses and kings and betrayal and war and true love and hidden identities!)
  • That short story idea that wants to be a novel from last year to write (fairytale retelling mashup! Russia! Wolves!)
  • The rewrite-I-work-on-every-once-in-awhile-from-a-story-idea-I-first-had-in-the-90s to finish (basically a bromance, with sword fights and journeys and adventures and battles—this is the first novel I ever wrote; the 2009/2013 NaNo novel is its sequel)
  • My current rewrite's companion novel to rewrite (gods and kings and cupbearers and murder and enchantments!)

So many books to write. So little time. I guess I should stop blogging and do something about it… :-)


Leandra Wallace said...

I really like the new look! The colors go great together. And yup, I think you've got lots to work on- a writer's work is never done!

Joanna Ruth Meyer said...

Glad you like the new template, Leandra! :-)

A. P. Johnson said...

I like the template too, it's a bit easier to read. :-) And I feel your pain, I have scripts I need to start!