Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Beginning of the End…

Happy 5-week-a-versary to Seer!!

It's the beginning of the end, and this novel is getting INTENSE. Yikes. You don't even know. I always enjoy writing something that's new and different from anything I've ever written before, and Seer certainly fits the bill. My brain, I tell you, is a scary place to be. I hope I can make it through to the end relatively unscathed…

Also, did I mention that this book exploded in my subconscious and became a TRILOGY? 'Cause it did. I'll definitely be taking a break before tackling the next two books, but still. I can't believe this all snowballed from a short story idea.

Do you SEE why I can't write short stories?


Time for some stats:

Word Count: 52,072 words (I FINALLY MADE IT TO 50K!!!!! :-) :-) :-))
Chapters Completed: 18.75/26
Intensity Level: 96%
Number of Times Author has Gotten Disturbed: 4
Evilness of Villains: Ridiculously Evil
Number of Shocking Revelations: 2/4
Number of Times Author has had Trouble with Pacing: 7
Number of Times Author has Dreaded Revisions: 12
Number of Times Author has Wished Sci-Fantasy was a Viable Genre: 100,000,000


Anna said...

Congrats on the progress! It sounds like you and your WIP are in it for the long haul. :-)

Joanna R. Smith said...

Thank you Anna, I believe we are! :-)