Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Happy Tuesday, oh peoples of the blogosphere!

I've been querying agents for two weeks now, and currently have eight rejections and eight queries still out in cyberspace. Been keeping track of all these queries in the lovely, the amazing, the fantastic Scrivener (oh Scrivener, how I love thee); rejection is not quite as painful when you get to turn the corresponding index card a pretty color every time you receive one. Small pleasures. Or something.

Slowly poking away at restructuring Part III of The Fire in the Glass. Painful. Need to get back to that, as a matter of fact. Been putting it off.

Blogs I've been reading:

  • Author Shannon Hale is like the coolest person ever. Basically, I want to be her.

And that's about it. Been watching Firefly on Hulu and liking it pretty well. It's got absolutely nothing on Doctor Who, though (really, what does??).

Okay. Gonna work on some edits now.

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