Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Day!

Hey all! I thought I'd better jot off a quick post for February before the month is over, and Leap Day seems like the perfect day to do it! :-)

Not too much been going on… tinkering at a few writing projects, clinging to the hope that these upper 80s/lower 90s temps aren't permanent (AUGH), and as usual, drinking lots of tea!!

Story time with Marissa Meyer!!
I had the extreme pleasure of attending Marissa Meyer's event at Changing Hands Bookstore and (briefly) meeting her at the beginning of the month! She was hilarious and lovely and inspiring, and we'll pretend I said something hilarious and lovely and inspiring to her whilst she was signing my stack of books instead of standing there exuding awkwardness. (oops)

Me and my BFF with Marissa, getting our books signed!!
My amazing husband bought me another bookshelf for Valentine's Day (that is true love right there!!) and it's all full already! I was double-stacking my other shelves like craaaaaaaaazy. It's so nice to see all my books' purty spines!!

Hubs and I also filed and got our tax return back early and came into some TREAT YO SELF money… Let's just say I've been buying A LOT of books lately! It's a beautiful thing……

My TBR pile is getting out of control… I might need to make myself a spreadsheet to get through it all! Currently reading A GATHERING OF SHADOWS and super excited to see Victoria Schwab this coming Thursday evening!!

So anyway, that's what's up with me! Until next time, my lovelies! Happy Leap Day, and see you in March! :-)