Monday, March 25, 2013

The Book Goes Ever Ever On

Well, I'm happy to report that things have looked up a little since the last post! I finished (more or less) rewriting the scenes I needed to, and have started from page one, working through the book bit by bit and tweaking and editing and rearranging as needed. This is much more enjoyable than the rewriting so far. I'm in Chapter 5 of 29, so a ways to go yet, but it's going fairly quickly. I might actually be able to glimpse the light at the end of the tunnel. The goal is to have this draft COMPLETELY DONE by the end of April, or sooner if possible. I'm ready to get back on the querying wagon again, and even more ready to WORK ON SOMETHING ELSE.

On another note, I've been rereading a novel I wrote back in 2008/2009 and, editing needs aside, it's actually quite compelling and I'm realizing I like it quite a lot. It's a sort of prequel/companion book to one I wrote in 2006 that I've been thinking about revising after I finish my current project. Exciting stuff.

I finished the Artimes Fowl series, and am still digesting the ending. I'm sad it's over, but it was good!

Resisting the call of Amazon to buy a thousand books and have them appear promptly at my door. I think I need to make friends with a library again…

And in non-writing news, I paid off my credit card!!! :-)

Over and out!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Rewriting is supposed to involve a lot of laying on the floor and moaning, right?