Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Tail of Cleo (see what I did there)

I now break from your regularly scheduled writing posts to bring you a story about a cat. :)

WARNING: this post contains photos of cats!!

Once upon a time on August 3rd, it was not horribly hot out in the morning so I decided to take my writing out on the patio.

This little black cat wandered up and made friends:

She was SUPER cute and VERY friendly and SKINNY SKINNY SKINNY. I texted the hubs and he said we should feed her so I did. She was so hungry!

After that she kept coming by, sometimes a couple times a day. Sometimes she would disappear for a few days, once she vanished for about a week. We were pretty sure she didn't belong to anyone… and if she did she was not being taken care of! She looked young, somewhere around six months old. We kept feeding her, and she seemed to adopt us.

She even started walking my husband to his work truck in the morning, which is probably the most adorable thing ever:

Last Friday, she came around again, and I noticed that her belly looked rounder than before… Alarm bells went off in my head. My husband saw her that night and agreed that she looked potentially pregnant!!

We didn't know quite what to do… if not for Bertie, we woulda brought her right into the house! As it was, we didn't have room or knowledge on how to help a young cat mama.

Enter the amazing Ashley Carlson, who has experience fostering cats! She volunteered to take the kitty and keep her safe throughout the birth, and afterwards the hubs and I are officially going to adopt her (the cat, not Ashley ;) ).

Cleo hanging out with me!

So now this lovely little kitty, who we've dubbed Cleo for Cleopatra, is warm and safe and won't have to have her kittens in a bush! Can't wait until she's ready to come home. Bertie won't be happy, but he will have to deal. :-D

And there you have it: the Tail of Cleo!


kathy kinsey said...

lovely! wonderful tale/tail and photos! Made my day and brought a smile to my face.....
so wonderful to read about caring folk for our kitty friends!

Joanna Ruth Meyer said...

We are SO happy we can help her! She really is the sweetest kitty ever. <3 <3 <3